Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Which crystal ball to believe?

Needless to say, I have been receiving a lot of questions at various meetings on the economic forecast for this year and the prognosis for the Green Industry. I always receive curious looks when I start off saying "It depends on who you're listening to!" Perhaps the following may help to explain. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia just released its latest survey of professional forecasters and panelists were divided on when the effects of a government fiscal stimulus package would be apparent and how large the effects would be. Thirteen economists reported an effect beginning in the second quarter and 19 think the effect will begin in the third quarter. Two estimated that the effect won’t begin until the fourth quarter, and the remainder didn’t provide answers. The majority, however, expect the stimulus package to have a welcome but moderate effect on the economy. Almost a quarter said tax rebates would have a significant effect on consumer spending, while just 7% expected investment tax credits to have a major impact on business spending. Some 22% said tax rebates would have an insignificant or no effect, while 38% said investment tax credits would have an insignificant or no effect. Overall, economists in the Philadelphia Fed survey raised expectations for GDP contraction this year, but on average still expect the economy to grow, albeit at a sluggish pace. See what I mean!

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