Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who's right?

Almost two out of every three Americans won't spend tax rebates included in the proposed government stimulus package, a survey by American Century Investments found. A little more than a quarter of respondents said they would spend the rebate money now, while 36 percent said they would use it to pay off outstanding loans or credit card balances, according to Kansas City-based American Century Investments. Another 25 percent said they would save or invest it.

On the other hand...

According to a new National Retail Federation survey, consumers plan to spend 40.6% of tax rebate checks, which will provide an immediate $42.9 billion boost to the economy. The survey also found that the $105.7 billion distributed in tax rebates will be used to pay down debt ($30 billion), saved ($19.8 billion), invested ($4.4 billion) and used to pay down medical bills ($4.6 billion). Women will spend a larger percentage of their rebate check than men (43.6% vs. 37.3%). And young adults age 18-24 will spend more of their checks (46.2%) than any other age group.

Who is right? Time will tell, but I do know this. There will be some big trees planted in my yard when the check does arrive!

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