Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ecomomic Rx for Business

"In good times, running a company is exhilarating. Money is flowing, customers are happy, employees have a spring in their step. In not-so-good times—like now—the very same job can feel like scaling Mt. Everest in a snowstorm while wearing a knapsack filled with bricks and suffering from a bad case of the flu."

In the latest Florists' Review magazine, Quint Studor offers "Eleven Ways to Infuse Your Company with the Leadership Skills to Thrive in Tough Times" -- a good read. For more, click here.

Another good read is George Whalins article on "Strategies for a Changing Retail World" -- click here.

Other good reads include:

Don't Just Survive—Dominate
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Maintaining Strong Sales During the Summer
The Upside to a Downturn
The Business of Retail is Going to be Brutal in 2008

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