Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seven Ways to Fail Big

This article in the September issue of the Harvard Business Review answers the question "What causes companies to fail spectacularly?" A recent study of 750 of the biggest U.S. business disasters of the past 25 years reveals that seven popular but risky strategies are often to blame. Drawing on that extensive research, Paul Carroll, a journalist, and Chucka Mui, a fellow at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, describe seven sirens that lure companies onto the rocks. Click here to download an audio slideshow about how to avoid failure.

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lloyd traven said...

Awesome post, Charlie, and on a holiday weekend, too!!Dude, take a day off!!
Anyway, it's rough seeing that we made some of these errors, while being CONVINCED that we had thought it all through. Hmmm, if we had ever gotten to the point of asking "Would we bet our OWN MONEY......" Of course, in a small company, you ALWAYS bet your own---and THAT is the REAL lesson!!!