Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BB Blues...

Nothing like being on vacation in a remote area of Texas to remind me of the woeful cellular coverage of my Blackberry 8800 (AT&T). Actually, it's more of a reminder of my addiction to technology, but that's another matter altogether.

Back to my original point. My wife's freebie cellular phone consistently puts my BB to shame, getting 3-4 more strength-of-signal bars, even at home. I'd be curious if anyone has found a work-around or fix (to my coverage problem, not my addiction). I wonder if the new BB Bold performs better? Surgical implantation of rabbit ears?

Comments welcome as usual.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie -- it's as simple as the ad slogan says: It's the network. I've tried a couple of plans, and my travels take me all over the country -- nothing matches Verizon for coverage. Dropped calls just don't happen.

Bob West, Greenhouse Grower