Friday, March 27, 2009

Outraged over AIG bonuses?

If so, click here.


Anonymous said...

It is always good to see "the other side of the story"

joe boarini said...

Unfortunately, no one in the general public really knows the full truth about the AIG bonuses. We don't know the details of the original contracts, the performance of those involved, or whether those involved contributed positively or negatively to the profitability of their respective unit(s). All we know is the theatrics of the Obama administration, the members of congress, and the mainstream media. There is no way to form an informed opinion of this whole situation without a whole bunch of additional information.

Anonymous said...

I believe, as some have pointed out, the "outrage" is being used as a cover for our buying our own Treasuries. This is another expansion to Federal powers whereby they can alter contracts. Who wants to enter into a contract when the government can alter it?