Friday, August 21, 2009

Importance of social media

Much discussion has ensued lately at various green industry meetings regarding the applicability of social media marketing efforts. Is this something that you should consider for your business? Click below to find out.

HT to Stan for the link.

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Dr Bill said...

Absolutely there is an explosion of "connectedness". Just because we can be connected all the time - should we be? Now is the time for our culture to begin to ask and answer questions like - When is it appropriate to answer the cell phone when you're in a face to face conversation with another human being? Or is it even acceptable to reply to a text while you're in a face to face conversation?" Is it ok for your partner or spouse to carry on that conversation/texting while you're driving? about whille you're at the dinner table...or bed?

Simple questions for our culture to answer.

Live with Intention
Dr Bill Toth