Friday, October 23, 2009

Lean flow workshops scheduled

Another topic that I have worked into a number of presentations lately is the need for growers [when looking to reduce costs during the downturn] to implement a lean flow event at their operation. I am sure that you have seen the articles in the trade press citing various nurseries and greenhouse firms who have gone down that path, but I too can vouch for the fact that I have yet to talk to a single operation that has not benefited greatly from a lean flow analysis. In fact, most growers become lean flow disciples (of sorts) after seeing the results.

So a recent email blast by FlowVision caught my attention and I thought I share the learning opportunity with you. If you are interested in learning more about lean flow, check out these November workshop offerings by clicking here. No, I am not receiving a kick-back but I am a believer given all of the success stories I have heard. Here are some of the documented benefits:

Lead time reduction
as high as 50%

Creation of working capital dollars

Floor-space reduction
Greater than 50%

Productivity improvement
From 20% to 50%

Less Stressful Peak Seasons

Shrink and dump reduction
as high as 50%

Increased Growing Capacity
as high as 25%

Defined and Predictable Processes

Highest ROI in Shortest time
(4:1 to as high as 10:1)

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