Friday, December 18, 2009

Bio-Packaging Solutions for Horticulture

Whether or not you were able to attend the webinar, Easy Green: Bio-Packaging Solutions for Horticulture (sponsored by the Ball Horticultural Company and Summit Plastic Company), the presentation is available for you to view again or share with others. The link below will take you to the internet site where the recorded presentation will be accessible for the next 60 days.

Follow these steps to access the presentation:
* Clicking the link will bring you to the: “View Recording” screen
* Enter your name and click the view recording button. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER RECORDING KEY
* On the next “View Recording” screen, enter your company and email address, click the view recording button.

You may choose either the high fidelity or standard version. If you have a slow internet connection, I recommend the standard version. Unfortunately, the standard version won’t allow you to view the embedded automation video. When the automation slide appears you will hear the audio but not see the video, please be patient and wait for the presentation to advance.

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